The EP contains four songs: Detonar, Cascada, Esperar y Mamíferos, inspired by humanists concepts and handling topics such as compasion, balance, keeping calm, unity, being careful with your statements and the interconection between all the living beings.

Produced by Fico Dörries and recorded at 3/4 studios. The songs of this EP are influenced by diverse genres: ambient rock, chill out dub and latin rock. Eclecticism is 11:11 trademark.

Music and lyrics: Andrés Calvo
Musical Production: Federico Dörries
Cover Art: Andrés Calvo
Artistic Production: 11:11
Recorded and mixed by Federico Dörries en Estudio 3/4
Master by Alberto Ortiz

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1 Detonar
2 Cascada
3 Esperar
4 Esperar

*Voice Sample: Leonardo Boff recorded in 2002 during a conference in the UCR (Universidad de Costa Rica)